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Snowmass Honeydew



- SOLD -

Pam Stoddard - Stonycroft Farm


Everyone needs some Honeydew.

This girl is a seriously sweet combination of Royal Honey and Matrix Majesty.
She is a golden delight in both fleece and fashion. It is easy to see her as representative of the pure alpaca herds that used to roam the Peruvian highlands with their Incan herdsmen.

In our eyes she is the ideal in golden fawn alpacas, and It is our supreme desire to see herds of alpacas just like her roaming the farms and ranches of the not so distance future. When this becomes a viable reality so will the larger alpaca textiles industry.

The most exciting part of this offering is that Honeydew is one of the first and few who will be bred to special treasure stud, Snowmass Divine Love. This is the start of a whole new generation.


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 20.4 4.1 20.2 1.7 48.0 19.7
2 5/13 20.5 4.3 20.9 2.4 47.0 19.9