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Snowmass Pure Reserve



- SOLD -

Janette Archambault


Prized 2014 International Champion and Futurity 1st place winner.

Snowmass Pure Reserve is the favorite of our fawn genetics in this 2014 show string. His name is indicative of the fact that our original plans were to reserve him for our breeding program alone. The only reason we are offering him this year is because we need a high caliber replacement male for Pure Dreams, who is out of the sale for minor health precautions.

Snowmass Pure Reserve is certainly a suitable equal to Snowmass Pure Dreams, and a truly rare offering at that. We are confident that his new owner(s) will be well rewarded with the progeny he will produce. He is ready to breed this season, and we are eagerly awaiting word of his progeny at show.

Fiber and Fleece Description

Incredible Fineness, crazy density, and high curve. All of the perfect ingredients for fine textile production.

2012: 14.7 3.0 20.6 14.26 0.2 Curve 48
2013: 14.2 3.2 22.6 14.02 0.3 Curve 60