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LOT# 47 Snowmass Midnight Inca



Snowmass Midnight Inca: The Incan's had very few black alpacas. They were rare as the whites. The first known mutations from the selective breeding of vicuna were red and solid brown. Breeding these together soon produced a myriad of colors. The black were treasured and rare as they are today. It is very hard to breed black alpacas to have the same characteristics of the fawns and whites. We LOVE black alpacas and it has been a select project of ours to improve them. When this young female was born I may have felt what the Incan did when they had one born like her, thus her name Snowmass Midnight Inca. She is a true beauty and the first offspring from the cross of our True Black Dam Incan Empress and our lead Black Matrix son Snowmass Shadowfax. Her lineage behind this is spectacular in every respect for future production of amazing royal color fleece progeny sure to bring greatness to any color breeding program.