Snowmass Alpacas

Genetics by Design

Snowmass Alpacas: Visionaries in Royal Alpaca Production

Snowmass has reached a thirty-year goal with over 90% of the Snowmass herd possessing tested fleeces of Super Royal, Royal and Baby Grade. Super Royal (13-17), Royal (18-19), Baby (20-22.5)

The Snowmass herd is world renowned as an example of some of the finest animals alive. Their health, vigor, beauty and beautiful phenotypes are truly remarkable.  Their luxuriant fiber is avidly sought after by other top breeders and most especially, textile manufacturers. Each and every year, the Snowmass herd becomes finer, more advanced and more admired.

The demand and understanding for FINENESS and bright Elite alpaca fiber is now one of the guiding principles for breeders.
Snowmass Alpacas has been selectively breeding for 30 years to acquire solid proven genetics for FINENESS, BRIGHTNESS, UNIFORMITY and CONSISTENCY of fleece.