Snowmass Alpacas

Genetics by Design
Snowmass Alpacas is aware of the potential alpaca fiber can reach and does everything in their power to share that awareness with others. By writing scholarly publications dedicated to the intricacies of alpaca breeding, Julie Skinner shares her knowledge with the alpaca community at large. These publications are renowned within the industry for their insight and value. Each new edition is eagerly sought out by breeders and alpaca industry experts across the world.

The Making of Champions Part I
The first in our series addresses fleece types and comparisons between alpacas and other textile-producing fiber.

The Making of Champions Part II
Part two of our series discusses fleece and fiber in more depth and what we as breeders need to focus on as we advance our herds into a viable textile marketplace.

The Making of Champions Part III
The third part in our series moves closer to the implications of alpaca fiber in the textile marketplace. We also discuss our shearing, sorting and baling techniques.