Snowmass Alpacas

Genetics by Design
Snowmass Alpacas is dedicated to sharing the knowledge they’ve gained over thirty years with others in the industry. Their commitment to up and coming breeders can be seen in excellent customer service. In addition, they are dedicated to producing professionally made educational videos to illustrate the principles and to making them available to everyone. A series of videos, Snowmass Solutions, is planned, starting with “Snowmass Solutions Part One: Shearing.”

Snowmass Solutions Part One, Shearing

This DVD is an in-depth look at the Snowmass Shearing System, which has been developed over the past twenty-five years. Filmed during Snowmass’ shearing season, it includes valuable information that you can use to help improve your program. No matter how many animals you have to shear, it is important to do it correctly in order to maximize the yield of quality fiber and increase efficiency. This way, you and your hired hands spend as little time in this process as possible, reducing stress on the animals and saving you money. For the cost of paying a professional to shear just one animal, this DVD can serve as a powerful instructional and educational tool. Watch as Snowmass Alpacas guides you through proven techniques that can help save you time and money while improving the overall quality of your yield. Visit to order.