Snowmass Alpacas

Genetics by Design
Snowmass Alpacas is an avid supporter of others within the industry and consistently encourage those new to the community. Their leadership role is one they take seriously because they are dedicated to making alpacas the source of supremely fine and sought after fiber.

Snowmass has donated animals to CONOPA, the entity Jane Wheeler does her groundbreaking camelid research with. Don and Julie’s belief in this academic work has led them to become champions of this effort.

Snowmass Alpacas is devoted to being champions of the latest and most cutting edge camelid research.

Charitable Donations
Snowmass Alpacas is dedicated to giving back. Animals are donated at the annual Snowmass Making of Champions Auction and at other auctions throughout the year. The success of Snowmass Alpacas was gained partially from the help and cooperation of others in the industry over many years.

In addition, Snowmass Alpacas singlehandedly funded the Casa Chapi Medical Center for Quechua Benefit. Nick and Heidi Skinner traveled to Peru for the Grand Opening of the Center in 2013.