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Video of Alonso Burgos Presenting Snowmass Bales


Alonso Burgos, Manager of PROALSA & Grupo Inca Alpaca Fiber Purchasing Company of Peru, has reported that five Royal Bales of fiber from the U.S.A. have completed sorting. Details were announced in Phoenix, Arizona at the Making of Champions Winners’ Circle Sale, last February 24 & 25th 2012.
Mr. Burgos reports: "We have finished working with your fiber at the sorting plant. Already I can tell you that, in the more than fifty years we have in the business, we have never seen a brighter nor a more uniform alpaca lot at the sorting plant. It was a real extraordinary event to see the sorting ladies going over your material and being amazed over the brightness of the material. The plans to include your material on the special edition of fine textiles we will do together with the winners of the nationwide alpaca fleece contest are still in place.”
Julie Skinner responds: “The advancements in alpaca are extraordinary and Royal Alpaca fleece is taking the industry to new levels across the world. With the struggles of global economy we have seen some shifts in the industry. Struggling breeders need to remain hopeful in knowing that there is indeed a growing demand for fine alpaca and fine alpaca genetics.
As finer and brighter advanced alpaca fiber comes into play, the industry shifts into greater demands for alpaca. There is a healthy global incentive to continue to advance the breed of alpaca so that we can fulfill the growing demand for the finest Alpaca fleece. We hope that the USA continues to shine and be a leader in this effort of creating some of the best known alpaca genetics in the world. Alpaca is not just a fad – it is a global industry of extraordinary measures and a culture of its own.”
The 5 Snowmass bales of Fleece were comprised of individual fleeces each of which were grid tested via Yocom McColl Testing lab.
The XXX Royal Bales were 13 micron to 16 micron
The Royal Bales were 15-18
All fleeces were tested to be under 18 microns.
The Super Royal fiber sorted from the bales must be with extremely low primary ratios and be similar in curvature to Vicuna as well as have a Mean Fiber Diameter of 13-14 microns.
This is very rare to find. Many of us have 13 micron fleeces tested but it is very rare to find the entire fleece to carry the consistency of a 13-14 mean fiber diameter so when sorting for this fineness only a small portion of the blanket is selected.
The women of the Inca Tops sorting house extracted 25 kilos or 55 lbs from the XXX Royal bales.
Video of Alonso Burgos Presenting Snowmass Bales
This Super Royal Alpaca fiber can create the finest and most durable fabric in the world and understood to be finer and silkier than cashmere.
We are processing the Snowmass Royal & Baby bales together to create a special fabric that will be put into a special run of scarves & Shawls as well as limited number of bed spreads.
This year we are putting together a bale as close to Super Royal as we can as well as a TRUE Royal bale of fiber under 17 micron.
We will also be bailing the balance of our herd.


Snowmass Alpacas has just received the results for our annual shearing Test reports of our breeding herd.
The average is:
  • White & Light Females (22) individuals tested from 13.1- 14.9*  (67) individuals tested from 15.0 -16.9*  (65)  individuals tested from 17.0 18.9*  (73) individuals tested from 19.0-21.9*  (17) individuals tested from 22.0-23.9*  (11) individuals tested from 24.0 27.6*
  • White & Light Males (30) individuals tested from 12.7-14.9* (73) individuals tested from 15.0-16.9*  (80) individuals tested from 17.0-18.9*  (48) individuals tested from 19.0-21.9*  (8) individuals tested from 22.0-24.0*
  • Dark Males (53) individuals tested from 13.4 – 17.9*  (33) individuals tested from 18.0- 19.9*  (10) individuals tested from 20.0-21.9*  (2) individuals tested from 22.0-25.5*
  • Dark Females (40) individuals tested from 14.4-17.9* (40) individuals tested from 18.0-19.9* (30) individuals tested from 20.0-21.9* (31) individuals tested from 22.0 -24.9* (8) individuals tested from 25.0-27.7*
  • The finest micron tested  in White & Light Fleeced 12.7 ( 12.7 3.0 23.3 0.4 Spin Fineness 12.6 Curve 49.5 a( 11 month old white male)
  • The strongest micron 27.6 (27.6 3.9 24.0 22.6 Spin Fineness 25.5 Curve 41.8) a (6 year old breeding female).
  • The finest micron Dark Fleeced 13.4 (13.4 2.9 21.5 0.5 Spin Fineness 13.1 Curve 63 Dark Fawn a (9 month old male)
  • The strongest micron Dark Fleeced 27.7  (27.7 4.0 14.5 20.8  Spin Fineness 25.6 Curve 35.5 a (6 year old Black breeding female)