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Alpaca Meat Cuts

We are asked questions on Alpaca Meat Cuts and butchering techniques almost on a weekly basis so we created this page to hopefully provided some insight.

As long time ranchers we have always had a local butcher who comes to our ranch to help us with meat preparation: Many of us do not like to discuss this part for fear of what others may think especially in the Alpaca Market. If you have come this far onto the website you are interested in learning more about the harvesting of Alpaca. Most domestic livestock is raised as a meat source and Alpaca is really not any different. We have breeding stock and many of us have alpacas for annual fiber harvest and do not wish to harvest them as a food source. However they are a valued food source around the world mainly on the continent of their origin South America. As the numbers of alpacas grow around the globe many of us are harvesting our non-breeding alpacas as a food source. We are not ashamed of this as we rely on meat as a food source as do the majority of us. Healthy farm raised meat is always
ideal. Alpaca is one of the healthiest meats in the world and we have been blessed to have them as part of our diet and for those of us who share this we hope the links as well as charts of Meat cuts are helpful. As always we harvest our Alpaca humanely and with great thanks for the bounty they have provided us. This is the most descriptive and clean butchering brochure we have found.

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