Snowmass Alpacas

Genetics by Design

From Karen and Pat Kemberling:

Snowmass Continuum's Royal Roses just went color champion at Alpaca Mania in Oregon - lots of competition! And the white boy you sold Karen Ball also went champion, Snowmass Majesty in the Moonlight.
Then at Grass Valley last week, Calpaca, Snowmass Continuum's Royal Roses won her class and Snowmass Moonlight Majesty went color champion again!
They are both fabulous.
Karen and I are so happy with the animals we got from you. Thank you again!
Note from Snowmass: None of these Snowmass alpacas in our Winners Circle news were ever shown by Snowmass Alpacas before they were sold. It is the SNOWMASS promise that we offer show quality,  show ready, and genetically supreme alpacas, so the new owners of Snowmass genetics can have the opportunity to win for themselves and their breeding programs.


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