Snowmass Royal Bales Arrive In Peru

Posted on November 15th, 2012 in News 

It has been a long and arduous journey, but Snowmass Alpacas, in conjunction with our new venture, Quechua Enterprises, has achieved an exciting milestone on the road to producing the finest fiber available. This year, we sent five almost four hundred pound bales of Royal Fiber to Arequipa, Peru.
Here, it will be transformed into yarn by Inca Tops SAA, one of the largest and most recognized alpaca yarn manufacturers in the world. The resulting product will then be made into textiles by Grupo Inca. We are proud of this fiber’s quality and greatly anticipate the exceptional products it will be generate.
We are also involved in producing textiles here in the United States with hopes of seeing a viable American production run. Currently, we are having blankets and bedspreads made from other bales of Royal Fiber.
The process of creating first-rate fiber starts with producing, over time, the most outstanding genetics. From there, our shearing process has been optimized to collect only the best and most consistent fiber. We eliminate all contaminants to produce true Royal bales of fiber. It is our desire to establish a bale of fiber that is known to posses a high standard. This bale will not need to be handled as much as inferior fiber, which minimizes processing time. By maintaining a high level of quality control, we hope to create bales of fiber that will demand a higher price that reflects the value of the fiber.
This year, we have invited Alonso Burgos of Grupo Inca to speak at our Winners’ Circle Sale about what characteristics the industry is looking for in alpaca fiber. Burgos established his own breeding program, Pacomarco, to introduce elite alpaca genetics into the Peruvian market. Since its inception, Pacomarco has led the way in Peruvian breeding practices. Its quality fiber goes directly into making top-of-the-line textiles. Burgos is a key figure in the alpaca textile industry and a top Peruvian breeder. We eagerly anticipate hearing him address micron, crimp and other characteristics of fine fiber.