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Snowmass Alpacas Will Not Be Attending Any Shows in 2012???
Yes this is true.
The complexity of both putting on an auction and mobilizing all our animals for show has become an enormous task. This year we are dedicating all of our efforts to our sale and are hand selecting the alpacas that we would normally reserve to show, and offering them to our clients at the Making of Champions - Winner's Circle Sale February 24 and 25 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Many of these selected show contenders are showing the signs of awesome presence and excellence in fleece at an early age and are being re-screened as we get closer to the sale. This process of close scrutiny and final selection makes it difficult to present pictures our final choices via web and our auction catalog. We will have pictures of many of them, but as we get closer to the print deadline and the sale, they will have grown and developed so much they will not be well represented by the current pictures posted. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the IMPORTANCE that you come and inspect the offerings first-hand this year.
It is our hope that our clients can then take these alpacas to show and find themselves in the top-tier Winners Circle and then take them home to bring new and exciting genetics into their herd. The younger alpacas, both male and female, will be sold in packages with dams and the ones old enough by sale date will be sold by themselves.
Snowmass Alpacas is as competitive as they come in nature and this is what we owe much of our success to.
Each year, we do our very best to present our best and highlight genetics for sale such as Snowmass Matrix, Invincible, Legacy Gold, Royal Gold, Nova, Hallmark and more.  At the same time, we reserve strategic genetic lines that will retain that competitive edge for us at shows and in the industry worldwide.

This year, we are unleashing both male and female reserve stock like never before that will no doubt take this edge away from Snowmass and transfer it to our clients. 

As we move out of the show ring, we remain competitive breeders. We know we have the same excellence of proven lineages we have bred for thirty years in our fields. Now is the time to have our clients and the alpaca industry itself move into the Winner’s Circle. What better way to do so than with Snowmass genetics?
SNOWMASS ALPACAS, LLC. is dedicated to the alpaca industry and to our clients. Every alpaca we breed is by design with the directive of producing the best genetics available. It is our desire to help all breeders improve their herds by offering a selection of genetics that will help with any breeding program strategy.
We strive for across-herd excellence and continue to breed with this in mind. Our herd has an overall performance level that is unequalled in the industry (but this year it will change with the release of our key breeding stock). It is by both our love for animal husbandry and our belief in alpaca that we strive to make the breeding aspect of this industry become the best it can be.
If you are in this industry to be competitive and to build a solid herd of alpacas that will definitely lead this industry into the Alpaca Industrial Age, then you should come see what we are presenting.
As the economy recovers, which it will, and we as an industry refine the goals of what alpaca is to the commercial world market, those with the genetic lines that can fulfill the needs of the market will be extremely successful.
If you cannot attend, please be sure you have a trusted friend or partner visit for you. Or contact one of the many breeders and judges already scheduled to attend who can help in reviewing the alpacas we will have available for sale.
ALPACA: the sustainable, softest, strongest, and most versatile fiber of any livestock worldwide - get into the BREED today!

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I just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased Liz and I are with our newest cria! Snowmass Vicuna Mist delivered us a beautiful male cria the first of July and he has exceeded all of our expectations! Passion’s Pride has made a boy that has a coat of fleece like I have never seen before! I have been a ring steward for 3 different shows and have gotten my hands on some awesome alpacas but they all fall short of what this little guy has! I look forward to going out to feed every morning just so I can sink my hands in his coat! I try my best to send you emails without using exclamation points but it is impossible!

Jerry Bates
Southern Estate Alpacas

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The end of our spring show season went well. Belvedere took color champion at GWAS and a 2nd at Nationals. Majesty's Wonder also took 2nd at
Nationals in his class. Loving both of these guys.

Thanks for everything,
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Snowmass XXXtreme Infatuation, owned by Alyssa Hallstead of Stagecoach Trails Alpacas, wins brown male champion in the GWAS in Denver.

What makes a champion alpaca? The Snowmass breeding program has proven over time that a champion is always in the making. Our breeding program is and always has been about across herd performance, meaning every line, every color, and every individual alpaca in our breeding program is designed to be a champion. This includes all aspects of overall EXCELLENCE in standard conformation, balance and reproductive health, with all elemental features intact and correct.

Over the entire, correct frame of the alpaca is a well-designed fleece. You will find enduring fineness, beautiful brightness, and superior secondary to primary fiber ratios with an advanced low percentage of primary fibers over 30 microns in every color.
Many of our alpacas that have been sold have never made the show ring with us, solely because of the number of alpacas in the Snowmass Herd. Also, we only show at the two largest and most competitive shows in the country.
However, 99% of the alpacas sold from our breeding program have gone on to show with their new owners and have placed with the highest honors.
Nothing makes a breeder more proud than to have their genetic lines be carried on through the herds of the world. It is the Snowmass mission to have alpaca become as important a commodity in the world as any other breed of wool-bearing livestock.
With commitment to excellence and high standards in all our breeding programs, alpaca will no doubt become a world leader in fine textiles.
Bring some Snowmass into your herd in 2011!

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Eastfork Good Golly Miss Molly

Snowmass Alpacas is proud to support our troops and happy to help the Alpaca Sock Brigade.

“Got any special requests for your next care package?,” I asked (Barbara Coleman). Who would have ever thought that a simple question to our son in Iraq would end up touching so many lives? This was the birth of what has come to be known as the “Alpaca Sock Brigade.”

Our son, Army Sergeant Micheal L. Coleman, stationed at Fort Lewis, WA had been in Iraq since June 26, 2006 and, specifically, in Baghdad since November. His request on that January day was very simple – alpaca socks! Since we began raising alpacas in 1998, Mike has known the value of a pair of alpaca socks in freezing temperatures. He is with the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team (abbreviated “5-20IR”), and they spend a lot of time on their feet, patrolling the streets of Baghdad and surrounding areas. READ MORE HERE

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