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Snowmass had an excellent showing at this year International Show. Our animals took many color champions and we went on to win Supreme Champion inboth male and female huacaya. A personal highlight is our Futurity auction lot #7, Snowmass Pure Passion (pictured at right), won Fawn Color Champion. Don't miss your opportunity to bid on him at this years Futurity Auction.


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Mary and I wanted to brag a bit on our Snowmass Matrix Freedom.  First off, we were asked if we would donate a breeding to Freedom for the TxOLAN auction, benefiting the organization.  We were happy to help out, and his was among only four to be donated.  After all was said and done, Freedom’s breeding sold for a higher price than any of the others offered.  In addition, none of the other herd sires were showing at the TxOLAN show, but we thought we would show him and double down on the marketing opportunity.
The following day, Freedom showed as a Mature Male in the Beige class, against another male, which was about two years his junior, and Freedom took First Place.  Judge Tim Lavan was impressed with Freedom’s ability to hold his fineness and bold crimp style at his age (over 68 months), as well as his strong body type.  Afterward, all the first and second place winners in the Beige and Light Fawn Male classes were grouped together for the Light Male Color Champion.  Out of seven winners in all age groups, Freedom took Color Champion!  We were very happy with the results, and have had several inquiries for additional breedings.
Snowmass Matrix Freedom has been a valuable addition to our small herd, and we feel fortunate to have him here.  Looks like some other breeders are happy to add Freedom’s character and genetics to their herds, too.
I have attached a photo so you can

see our “ear-to-ear” grins, after Freedom took his Color Champion ribbon.
Freedom also had four offspring at the show and they all placed. One of the young males from Peeka Ranch won first place and came very close to winning color champ per the judge.
Please let me know if you need any additional info and Thank You and Julie again for your offer to place on your website.
Mary Ogilvie
Timber Lodge Alpacas
Kaufman, Texas

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Congratulations to Laurie McCallum of Happy Hound Alpaca Ranch
Wanted to let you that I brought Almandine and Infinit Passion (Gracie) to TxOlan this last weekend and they had a tre

mendous show. Gracie took a first place and then the Light Color Championship and Alma took a 1st/CC in the fawn class and then was granted Judges Choice females of 2013. The judge had nothing but great comments from her structure to her fleece and even commented that in the entire line up she was the fineness of them ALL. I guess Fineness does matter. :) Could not be any happier for these girls and your outstanding breeding program. Thank you for sharing your amazing animals with us and look forward to the next generation.
All my best,
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Congratulations to Laurie McCallum of Happy Hounds Alpaca Ranch for their great showing. Snowmass Infinit Passion & Snowmass Alamandine

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From Karen and Pat Kemberling:

Snowmass Continuum's Royal Roses just went color champion at Alpaca Mania in Oregon - lots of competition! And the white boy you sold Karen Ball also went champion, Snowmass Majesty in the Moonlight.
Then at Grass Valley last week, Calpaca, Snowmass Continuum's Royal Roses won her class and Snowmass Moonlight Majesty went color champion again!
They are both fabulous.
Karen and I are so happy with the animals we got from you. Thank you again!
Note from Snowmass: None of these Snowmass alpacas in our Winners Circle news were ever shown by Snowmass Alpacas before they were sold. It is the SNOWMASS promise that we offer show quality,  show ready, and genetically supreme alpacas, so the new owners of Snowmass genetics can have the opportunity to win for themselves and their breeding programs.


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