Superior Seed Stock

As leading US breeders, we are dedicated to establishing proven genetic lines in an effort to continually improve the collective quality of the species.

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Making of Champions

Alongside strength of conformation and aesthetic qualities of fiber coverage, commercial elements of fleece quality are now becoming recognized as the base standard of alpaca value. Our herd consistently sets a standard of exellence in showcasing these essential qualities.

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Commercial Focus

As the demand for alpaca fiber is steadily developing in global product markets, we must pay close attention to the fleeces being produced by our herds. The true market value of an alpaca is determined by an ability to supply high-grade fiber in sufficient volumes. Snowmass Alpaca's market end-goal has always been to have our entire annual harvest measure within Royal and Baby grades — after three decades of strict selective breeding our herd is now realizing this goal.

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Snowmass Directives

Quality Fiber Production

As we move further into a viable alpaca textile marketplace, quality of fleece will form the foundation for the future of our alpaca breeding programs.

Scientific Advancement

The underlying documentation of genetic lines and production records are the keys to encoding excellence into our reproduction seed-stock.

Global Demand

We maintain a competitive edge in the world market by establishing groundbreaking heritable traits.

Securing The Future

We are driven to ensure a strong future for the Alpaca Industry by openly sharing our experience and enthusiasm.

Snowmass Alpacas is always available for information, support, and advice for your breeding program.