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Snowmass Vicuna Gold



Snowmass Vicuna is a remarkable Fawn breeding stud and one of our leading son's born from renown Snowmass Conopa. (sold to leading Canadian Breeders Kevin & Leanne Sept of Sunny Hill Alpacas Alberta Canada)

This unique son of Snowmass Conopa is extremely dense and clearly carries direct vicuna heritage via the genetic lines from his maternal lineage "the Andean line".
This line starts with a direct import stud male named Peruvian Andean Gold. Andean Gold produced - Andean Bronze - who produced - Royal Bronze. These genetics are solid in their performance for extreme and lasting fineness in hand with high curve all which is indicative of the Vicuna fleece genetics.

Snowmass Vicuna Gold along with his notable vicuna heritage has an advanced brightness and staple length via the Snowmass selective breeding

Vicuna Gold has strong upstanding conformational presence with beautiful head with very fine dense wool cap and those remarkable almond vicuna eyes.

Vicuna Gold has proven the importance of his fleece genetics via his offspring which all have recorded improved fineness, density, along side high curvature. The other remarkable asset of his genetics are an improved Primary to Secondary ratio which is closing in on some of the finest colored fleece we have ever produced.
This years progeny are not yet listed. They are the most exciting we have to date.
Each of them so valued we have not yet let any out of our breeding program but intend to for the first time here at the Snowmass Ranch in May 2014.

Fiber and Fleece Description

Extreme Density
Impeccable Fineness
Beautiful brightness for such High Curve


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 5/10 14.6 3.8 26.2 0.6 58.7 14.9
2 5/11 15.9 3.9 24.3 0.5 64.9 16.0
3 5/12 16.9 3.9 23.2 0.7 61.9 16.8