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Snowmass Defiance



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Don Greene - Snow Diamond Alpacas



When you create something new, you're breaking tradition - which is an act of defiance.

If there ever was an alpaca born from selective breeding who transcended all the definitions, traditions, and expectations of it's breeders, it is Snowmass Defiance.
Defiance has truly challenged our ideas about the future of this breeding program and overall the alpaca industry. He has rapidly risen to a legendary level, and is without a doubt one of the most significant males in Snowmass production history.

He is quite simply the ideal seed stock for a revolution in alpaca breeding.

Defiance is the current 2013 Supreme Champion male by international judging standards, and beyond his accolades has a wealth of genetic science to support him.

His dam’s lineage contains essential maternal genetics which have been proven over multiple generations to contribute strong elements of fineness, brightness, density, and consistency. Snowmass Maree Love, Snowmass Delightful Duet, and Snowmass Freedom are all of this line. Many of our clients can bear witness to the significance in these maternal genetics.

Defiance’s paternal lineage has equally contributed advanced heritable characteristics. His sire, Snowmass Elite Legend, remains the North American leader in years as 'Herd-sire of the Year'. Elite Legend's sire, Snowmass Quechua, was also “Herd-sire of the Year’ before him.

Snowmass Defiance represents the next level of advancement in this ever-exceptional paternal line.

We cannot think of any other stud that can match his caliber of advancing genetic elements. These elements translate into a consistently superior alpaca fleece, and an overall perfect phenotype. The evidence to support this can be seen in his revolutionary histogram testings over the past 4 years.

We believe it is time to send the message of Defiance to the masses. He is far too important for us to keep. Defiance needs needs to breed to new maternal lines in order to hasten the evolution of alpacas in the industry.

Our mission as alpaca breeders and enthusiasts is to ultimately contribute genetics to the overall population, so we will advance the alpaca industry to a scale and quality level that can compete with the merino and cashmere industries.

The revolution starts now. Who is ready to lead?

Fiber and Fleece Description

Merino style crimp with a vicuna fineness and curve of 65 at breeding age.
Class ASR Super Royal Grade (16.9 micron) with exceptional consistency and density.

2010 15.0 2.6 17.2 0.1 spin fineness 14.4
2011 15.3 2.3 14.8 0.1 spin fineness 14.2
2012 15.5 2.6 17.0 0.0 spin fineness 14.61
2013 16.3 2.8 17.0 0.1 spin fineness 15.36


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 15.0 2.6 17.2 0.1 45.0 14.4
2 15.3 2.3 14.8 0.1 58.0 14.2
3 15.5 2.6 17.0 0.0 65.0 14.6
4 16.3 2.8 17.0 0.1 65.9 15.4