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Snowmass Legend's Rose



- SOLD -

Jean McMurray - Scenic Sky Alpacas


Snowmass Legends Rose is a Supreme Champion Snowmass Elite Legend daughter.
She is both one of a kind, and an overall ideal at the same time. We continually strive as breeders to make this ideal an average within our breeding program while preserving the unique identities in our lines.

Our vision for the future is that there should be a great number of quality production females, like Legends Rose, working within all serious breeding programs. The industry still has some ground to cover before this vision can become a grounded reality, but we are nevertheless on the way.

While it’s no small sacrifice for us to forgo having Legends Rose within our herd, we feel justified knowing she will propagate excellence for another. This can only bring us all closer in the direction of realizing abundance in quality seed-stock.
There is a wellspring of value waiting beneath the surface of proven genetic lines, and Legends Rose is one cup already overflowing.


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 5/13 14.4 2.8 19.2 0.1 53.0 13.8