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Snowmass Quechua's Crystal



- SOLD -

Bob Sash - Tiskilwa Farms Alpacas


Snowmass Quechua's Crystal

Here she is, our most cherished standing Snowmass Best Man daughter. In her time with us here on the ranch Quechua's Crystal has provided 3 brilliant daughters who are carrying on her line within our herd. If she had produced a son for us we would be using him as a herd-sire to further propagate her royal genetics.

Quechua’s Crystal is the epitome of a proven seed stock production female. She is still young, healthy, and bred to ‘Herd-sire of the Year’ Snowmass Seven Below. We know this pair is a perfect match on many levels. Just take a look at the histogram reports. They are an embodiment of the royal white genetics we have been working so hard to lock into our herd.

it should be noted that Quechua's Crystal's dam, Snowmass Crystal Bell, passed away this year making her progeny more significant than ever.

It is a great honor that we can offer you this respected female, Snowmass Quechua's Crystal.


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 14.9 4.0 27.1 0.5 58.0 15.3
2 16.5 4.3 25.8 0.7 61.0 16.7
3 17.4 3.6 20.9 0.5 54.0 16.9
4 18.4 3.4 18.6 0.7 58.0 17.5
5 5/13 17.1 3.5 20.6 0.4 55.0 16.5