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Snowmass Royal Majesty



- SOLD -

Bob Sash - Tiskilwa Farms Alpacas


One does not simply name an alpaca “Royal Majesty”. This name is a title bestowed upon the recognition of certain truths manifest as traits in the flesh, blood, and fiber passed down from royal generations prior!

Her Majesty's sire, Snowmass Matrix Majesty, is a world renown colored stud of kingly status—his sire before him is the legendary Snowmass Matrix, who is known to be the alpaca equivalent of King Midas!

Her Majesty's dam, Snowmass Royal Malaika, is the finest standing black female in the entire Snowmass herd—fail to recognize this and it's off with your head!

So how can we offer to send this new and majestic queen of our hearts to another land? Well we aren’t stupid as we made sure she had a few princely sons here first…. and all that pomp aside…. We truly believe royal alpaca genetics should be made available to all breeders who recognize the significance of royal fiber in the future of our industry.
For this reason she is due to have an absolutely divine cria, sired by Snowmass Velvet Touché, on her new subject's farm this July 2014.

If you are truly serious about breeding for color, you won't fail to recognize this dam good opportunity.


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 19.3 4.3 22.1 2.6 39.0 18.9
2 20.6 5.0 24.3 4.4 41.0 20.6
3 23.1 5.1 22.2 7.8 37.0 22.7