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Snowmass Velvet Rose



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Nancy Pulse - Pulse Ranches Texas


"Velvet" is the new line of Snowmass alpacas coming from our royal herdsire, Snowmass Velvet Touche.
Velvet Touche has topped the genetic lines of our breeding herd with a touch of true brilliance in fineness, softness, consistency, and what we can only describe as pure alpaca. Dr. Jane Wheeler is working on encoding values of hybridization and fine fleece genetics as they relate to vicuna and pure domesticated herds of vicuna (pure alpacas). These pure alpacas once graced the highlands of Peru and endowed the South American civilizations with the finest fleece, as important to the people as GOLD which produced the finest textiles ever to be discovered.

Dr. Wheeler gave us the finest compliment in our breeding career telling us our herd resembles these pre-Columbian pure alpaca herds as seen with Snowmass Velvet Rose.
This is precisely what motivates us to keep focused on our breeding directives. We are working with CIS(Camelid Identification System) and Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Cecilia Penedo examining our herds' DNA for a deeper understanding of the very genetic code of our herd. This will allow us to further our breeding program with a true science in understanding the genetics of ROYAL ALPACA.

Velvet Rose’s Dam, Panam's Chilean Rose, a very special direct Import, took overall female Champion under the discretion of the legendary judge Don Julio Barreda. We believed in the significance in her genetics and made efforts to acquire her for our breeding program. Chilean Rose, now well into her years, has graced us with 14 stunning offspring, and still maintains an AFD of 22.6. Snowmass Velvet Rose, available in this rare offering, is one of those 14 treasured Chilean Rose progeny.