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Snowmass Divine Love



- SOLD -

Mark Cross - Rock Creek


Snowmass Divine Love (offering 50% ownership)

When Snowmass Divine Love was born into this world he must have brought something from another world with him. At first glimpse of his fleece we had to rub our eyes and make sure that the light wasn’t playing tricks on us. Once we realized what we were looking at our jaws dropped. For the first time in our entire history as alpaca breeders we were looking at a lavender colored alpaca. Thats right… lavender fleece.

We had come to expect nothing less than extraordinary cria from his damn, Snowmass Maree Love, but we could not have predicted the phenomenon that is Divine Love. His otherworldly fineness and density are simply uncanny in combination with his mystical color. We must give credit to his sire, Snowmass Conopa, for this seemingly arcane genetic infusion.

It was apparent that we needed to take Divine Love to show, but we weren't sure what complications would arise due to his color. We think he should have qualified as a grey, but the AOBA show system didn’t have a color on their chart to classify him by. Not knowing what to do with him they put him in the ‘bred and owned’ class where he ended up taking champion. From there he moved on to face the champions from all of the color classes in the judges choice competition… again he won.

It was really exciting to see the astonishment of the judges faces when they opened his fleece, and than to listen as they tried to describe his fleece characteristics over the mic. Many people were stunned that he had actually won the overall champion until they came saw his fleece for themselves. “Oh wow!… now I understand”

So the big question is, why is Divine Love being offered in this sale? Well our simple answer is that we believe he has too valuable to reside solely within the Snowmass herd. We are offering co-ownership to a breeding farm that recognizes and appreciates his profound and unique potential.

Partnership terms are fair and straightforward. Breeding seasons will be shared equally, and our new partner has the option of spring 2014 through summer 2014 or fall 2014 though fall 2015. After this first split season we will rotate yearly. Allowance of any outside breedings will be determined exclusively within the partnership.

Fiber and Fleece Description

Merino vicuna extraordinaire: Density is beyond anything we have ever witnessed.
Fineness is revolutionary. Color well we have never seen this color.

3 year grey fleece histogram of 16.5 3.2 19.1 0.3 Spin fineness 15.81


Shearing# Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN
1 14.8 2.9 19.4 0.2 61.0 14.2
2 15.9 3.2 20.0 0.3 61.0 15.3
3 16.5 3.2 19.1 0.3 62.0 15.8